Интересна публикация, разглеждаща образът на армията в египетската литература.


Since it seems that the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces will be clinging to Egypt’s neck for some time to come, this seemed as a good time as any to visit with a few (changing) images of the Egyptian army in Egyptian literature.

This is hardly meant to be exhaustive, or even exploratory: Just a few morning thoughts.

Unlike portraits of Egyptian police, for instance, portraits of the Egyptian army (in Egyptian literature) have generally been friendly, or at least torn. For instance, in Ahdaf Soueif’s recent memoir Cairo: My City (2012),  she writes:

I tell non-Egyptian friends, journalists, interviewers who ask that we’re not Greece or Latin America; that the Egyptian army is very much part of the fabric of Egyptian society, and in both 1977 and 1985 it refused direct orders to fire on Egyptian demonstrators. An oath taken by every soldier is that he will never raise his weapon…

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